One In a Million Blessings

Monday, August 13, 2012

One Step Closer

WOW today was a long day! I woke up (yes, I actually DID fall asleep last night...sort of) fully expecting to have an email reporting how the court date went. 
It wasn't there.
I checked after breakfast. Nope. 
Before lunch. Nada.
After lunch. Zilch-o.

Have I mentioned how fantastic I am at waiting?

Finally after I put my sweet girl down for a nap the illusive email appeared, telling me the news that we had been praying for. Visa exit interview went great, and Elijah's Visa will be printed this Friday!!!

So, naturally, I had my plane tickets booked within the hour. I will be ON A PLANE to Ghana this Saturday! Whew, I think I need to say that again. I WILL BE ON A PLANE TO GHANA THIS SATURDAY!!!

I'm going by myself. Between the start of school and football, it just made more sense for Tobin to stay back here with Lili. I'll be gone Saturday - Wednesday. The flight home will be exciting...juggling our sweet baby boy, a back pack, diaper bag, suitcase, and stroller all by myself, but I am SO excited about it! I cannot wait until I step off the plane in Joplin and the four of us are finally together.

The support we have received through the ups and downs has been nothing short of breath taking. We are humbled by the friends and family who have taken this journey with us, and we are beyond grateful to each and every one of you. 

I have one more very important post that I will be sharing with you in the days to come, so please make sure to read that. 

God bless!!
PS - Elijah will be home in NINE DAYS!!! NINE DAYS!!!! :)


  1. I could not be any more thrilled for the 4 of you! But now I'm curious what your next post will be...
    Can't wait to meet your handsome man! Liam is ready to play with him!!! Miss all of you like crazy.
    Praying that this week flies by and that Saturday is here before you know it! Love you!
    No idea why my name is showing up as gfhdsgtr, but this is Emily (Ivins) Hathaway. :-)

  2. Thanks for clarifying who you were. The gfhdsgtr was throwing me off a bit.
    There's no huge announcement coming or anything, don't worry! I'm just working on a post that will sort of educate our friends and family about what we will want/need for the first few weeks that Eli's home. Since he's older we will need to do things differently than we did with Lili, and much differently than anyone does who brings a brand new baby home from the hospital. It's all stuff that Tobin and I have researched heavily, but the majority of people don't really know about it. So, I'm just going to post some stuff, and I'm really hoping people will take the time to read it, especially those who live close and/or are planning to come visit soon.