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Friday, August 3, 2012


This morning we got the email that we have been waiting for! A VISA exit interview date has been set for Monday, August 13th. This will take place in Ghana, and our POA will go on our behalf. Once the VISA interview is done, the embassy may ask for more info/docs (which in Eli's case is unlikely but still possible). If they request additional documents the wait continues...

But that won't happen, so let's move forward: The embassy then sets a pickup date for the VISA (this is the final step before Elijah is cleared to come home). This usually happens on a Friday. Sometimes the same week of the interview, and sometimes the Friday of the following week.

**Please join us in praying that no further information or documents are needed, and that we are able to get his VISA printed the same week as the interview. 

The embassy suggests  that plane tickets not be purchased until the VISA/passport has been picked up by our POA. Apparently there have been times that a VISA has not been able to be printed on said date, therefore pushing everything back an additional week.

So, as of this time I do not have an official travel date. If all goes well at the exit interview and they are able to print the VISA that Friday, I will hopefully be traveling to Ghana that very weekend (Aug. 17th-ish). We are praying that this is the case, as we are SO SO SO ready to have our sweet baby boy home and begin the next part of this story!

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