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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

Tomorrow is Elijah's first birthday. We had hoped and prayed with all our might that we would be with him to celebrate, but we aren't. The past two weeks have been anything but smooth, as we have learned of multiple delays that are currently holding up our process.

Last week the orphanage was anticipating receiving Eli's finished passport. When they arrived to pick it up, it had the wrong name on it. Now, not only do they need to re-file for another passport, but they are required to get a specific document from the courts before they can attempt to re-file. So we've been waiting on that document.

Yesterday, the President of Ghana passed away. No doubt this is a very sad and uneasy time for all Ghanians right now. Out of respect, the government offices in Ghana are closed for the time being. Until they re-open (not sure when this will happen), we aren't able to access any court documents or file for a passport.

There's a world of emotions running through these veins right now, that's for sure. But as I type this, as sad as I am that we aren't with our baby boy right now, I am socked in the gut by the reality of my friend who just celebrated her sweet baby boy's 3rd birthday without him. He is in heaven. He unexpectedly went to be with Jesus shortly after celebrating his 2nd birthday last summer. I honestly cannot imagine that. Her strength and grit are an inspiration to me daily.

So, are we sad? Yes, we are.
Are we frustrated? Yes, we are.
Are we hurting?  Yes, we are.
But we are also thankful, hopeful, joyful, and prayerful. We have a remarkable little man who is waiting for us. Lord willing, we will be blessed to spend the rest of our lives with this little miracle, celebrating every milestone and birthday together from here on out.

So, in honor of our son, Lili and I are baking a cake this afternoon. Tomorrow evening we will have a family birthday celebration for Elijah. We'll sing happy birthday, and we'll let Lili opened a few presents that we'll put in Elijah's room for when he gets home.

No matter where we are in life, the journey can be hard, scary, dark, unpredictable. All we can do is stand firm in who we are, and in whose we are.

I can see the light at the end of this tunnel, and it is GLORIOUS.

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  1. "All we can do is stand firm in who we are, and in whose we are."

    I love that Shannon!
    Sometimes a new perspective makes a huge difference.
    Praying Eli will be in your arms soon!